Cobble Hill with Love - Brooklyn Portrait Photographer

Cobble Hill is a wonderful neighborhood to photograph in. Its full of character - the gorgeous brownstones, iron gates, blooming flowers, greenery and countless families. This family, in particular, is an integral part of my Brooklyn life and community. I met them over 8 years ago when I moved into their apartment building. My children has grown up with their child - our families, with others, getting together for special occasions, BBQs and Superbowl parties. They are kind, caring and loving. Its a better world with them in it.

Urban Clarity - NYC portrait photographer

A business is about more than making money. Its about delivering excellent service by committed staff to their valued clients. Its about a friendly face solving problems. In their marketing materials, businesses should showcase their staff so that clients really get to know the kind of unique business they have hired. I’m glad this business, Urban Clarity, is as like-minded as me by delivering top-quality personal service. Much success to them!

Embrace your 40s ladies! - NYC Portrait Photographer

I can't get enough of this fabulous session! This is just some of the fantastic highlights but there are so many more portraits that I adore! This session was SO very special to me....particularly because I just turned 43. The 40s is a decade to embrace...its when you are truly learning who you are, its when you have some important life experiences under your belt and its when your life seems pretty full. This absolutely stunning woman exemplifies the beauty of who she is both inside and out. She is an amazing woman, friend, lawyer and wife. She is an especially fantastic role model for her twins - 6 year old son and daughter.

Embrace your 40s ladies! It will be a fabulous decade for all of us! Our natural beauty and character deepen. I'm ready for it with open arms!

Small Brooklyn Psychology opens up in Industry City - NYC Photographer

Led by Mandi White-Ajmani, the team at Small Brooklyn Psychology is a group practice of experienced neuropsychologists who offer neuropsychological, educational, behavioral, diagnostic, and personality assessments to children from babies through young adults. Go to Small Brooklyn Psychology if you want personalized recommendations for new strategies and for services throughout the city. They are a wonderful, caring team that helps their young clients succeed and offers strategies that are tailor-made to their clients' unique strengths and weaknesses and idiosyncrasies. Congratulations Mandi on your new and beautiful office space in Industry City!!!

Family Love in Cobble Hill - Brooklyn Family Photographer

I love super smile-y, happy and loving families. This particular family of 5 is one of those great families. I have had the pleasure of photographing them a couple of times. Like wine, they get better with age! I can’t wait until next year’s Fall Family Session.

Child Acting Headshots - Brooklyn Kid Photographer

When you have a child who wants to get into acting...what do you need to do??? Get wonderful, personality-filled headshots that show her range.

It was so wonderful to photograph this sweet girl! I can't believe she is only 9! She's using these portraits for her casting call this weekend. Best of luck to her! And, as a bonus, her mom and dad get to cherish these beautiful portraits of their daughter at this very precious age.

Hand-painted Textiles by Juni - Brooklyn Photographer

Check out the gorgeous home of Brooklynites Tara Consi and Josh Lapidusin in the The New York Times today. Hand painted pillows by Juni, the joint venture of friends Julie Maclean and Kamila Zmrzla-Otcasek, are featured throughout. To get these fabulous pillows and more, visit Juni here.  My photographs of their gorgeous and unique textiles are showcased. You'll want some for yourself - Ready, Set, SHOP!

Women Are Our Heros - Brooklyn Studio Photographer

“Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved, I believe you must become its soul.” - Coretta Scott King.

As we approach the 1st anniversary of The Women's March, I want to thank these amazing women & moms, as well as all the other women out there, who are raising strong & proud girls who are learning to be both seen and heard. Their voices really do matter. Their future is indeed bright and I can not wait to see how our nation will shift for the better.

Warm, Welcoming & Wonderfully Healing Acupuncturist Refreshes Her Brand - NYC Branding Photographer

Personal branding photography can have a huge impact on your business and your bottom line.  This wonderful Brooklyn acupuncturist took this to heart when she hired me recently.  You can use your branding photographs in several ways:  place them throughout your website, use them in posts on your social media platforms, place them in your newsletters and e-blasts, use them in press releases about an event or new offering you have, refresh your profile pictures every few months so that people see a new image of you, place them in your sales and web-landing pages, submit an image along with your bio when you have a speaking engagement, put one in your email signature and use them in your printed marketing pieces.  Investing in high-quality, authentic photography is required if you want your visuals to play a crucial role in delivering the personality of your brand.

If you are in need of a fantastic healing acupuncturist, reach out to Sarah Rivkin at Park Slope Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs.  If you are in need of new branding photography, please reach out to me at