Cobble Hill with Love - Brooklyn Portrait Photographer

Cobble Hill is a wonderful neighborhood to photograph in. Its full of character - the gorgeous brownstones, iron gates, blooming flowers, greenery and countless families. This family, in particular, is an integral part of my Brooklyn life and community. I met them over 8 years ago when I moved into their apartment building. My children has grown up with their child - our families, with others, getting together for special occasions, BBQs and Superbowl parties. They are kind, caring and loving. Its a better world with them in it.

Family love in Cobble Hill Park - NYC Family Photographer

Cobble Hill Park is one of those quintessential Brooklyn neighborhood parks.  Its a park that the community adores....not only is it picturesque but it is also a place where young toddlers can play in the sandbox, ride on the dolphin statue or have an adventure going down the slide. Its a destination where adults go to have a pleasant outdoor lunch, leisurely read a book on a park bench or relax on a picnic blanket on the green grass.  For this family, Cobble Hill Park acted as a perfect backdrop where together we captured the love and connection of their family.  I can't wait to do it again with this loving 4-some.