The joys of living in Dumbo - Brooklyn Family Photographer

Dumbo is one of the most exciting neighborhoods in the city. This family knows that first hand. Iconic views see every day, special family moments, every day activities and memories built. What a way to grow up!

Father & Son - Brooklyn Family Photographer

Even fathers & sons need a photo session.

Happy birthday to this dad who wanted to spend his birthday celebrating with his son in front of my camera so that they will have these fun memories to cherish for years to come.

And look what "air" they got!!! You should see the outtakes! What a fun session to photograph and edit!

A family that jumps together stays together - Brooklyn Family Photographer

This thoughtful mother reached out to me to take some special family portraits before her eldest daughter was to go off to college for the first time. Throughout the session, this lovable family laughed so easily and embraced each other so beautifully. Special portraits were captured, amazing memories created….mission accomplished indeed.

Cobble Hill with Love - Brooklyn Portrait Photographer

Cobble Hill is a wonderful neighborhood to photograph in. Its full of character - the gorgeous brownstones, iron gates, blooming flowers, greenery and countless families. This family, in particular, is an integral part of my Brooklyn life and community. I met them over 8 years ago when I moved into their apartment building. My children has grown up with their child - our families, with others, getting together for special occasions, BBQs and Superbowl parties. They are kind, caring and loving. Its a better world with them in it.

Fall in Rock Creek Park, Washington, DC - DC Family Photographer

Its a funny thing when you have known someone since high school and then 25 years later - their oldest child is a freshman at that same high school. That’s the situation I found myself to much amusement. Are we that old already? Really? Thankfully we are that much wiser and with a whole lot of character and life experienced. For this fantastic woman and mom, she has a wonderful marriage to a true partner and 3 children to be proud of. She is living the fabulous life filled with love, connection and adventure. She has so much to be thankful for.

Family Love in Cobble Hill - Brooklyn Family Photographer

I love super smile-y, happy and loving families. This particular family of 5 is one of those great families. I have had the pleasure of photographing them a couple of times. Like wine, they get better with age! I can’t wait until next year’s Fall Family Session.