Always fun and always friendships at Curious Jane

Last week I had the pleasure to photograph at Curious Jane today - a wonderful project-based summer camp for girls (ages 6-12) who want to explore science + engineering + design projects. As I traveled from classroom to classroom...I ran into 5 girls that I know through my neighborhood elementary school. Two of the girls pointed to me and said - “That’s Max’s mom!” Curious Jane offers a wonderful summer camp and after-school program. Its all about learning, fun and friendship. Reach out to if you want your daughter to attend this enriching community.

Cobble Hill with Love - Brooklyn Portrait Photographer

Cobble Hill is a wonderful neighborhood to photograph in. Its full of character - the gorgeous brownstones, iron gates, blooming flowers, greenery and countless families. This family, in particular, is an integral part of my Brooklyn life and community. I met them over 8 years ago when I moved into their apartment building. My children has grown up with their child - our families, with others, getting together for special occasions, BBQs and Superbowl parties. They are kind, caring and loving. Its a better world with them in it.

Urban Clarity - NYC portrait photographer

A business is about more than making money. Its about delivering excellent service by committed staff to their valued clients. Its about a friendly face solving problems. In their marketing materials, businesses should showcase their staff so that clients really get to know the kind of unique business they have hired. I’m glad this business, Urban Clarity, is as like-minded as me by delivering top-quality personal service. Much success to them!

Professional Child Acting Headshots - NYC Kids Photographer

When you have a child who wants to get into acting...what do you need to do??? Get wonderful, personality-filled headshots that show range. These kids, ages 12 and under, are on their way to success with new acting headshots in hand. Best of luck to them! Achieving their acting dreams is only one job away!

Embrace your 40s ladies! - NYC Portrait Photographer

I can't get enough of this fabulous session! This is just some of the fantastic highlights but there are so many more portraits that I adore! This session was SO very special to me....particularly because I just turned 43. The 40s is a decade to embrace...its when you are truly learning who you are, its when you have some important life experiences under your belt and its when your life seems pretty full. This absolutely stunning woman exemplifies the beauty of who she is both inside and out. She is an amazing woman, friend, lawyer and wife. She is an especially fantastic role model for her twins - 6 year old son and daughter.

Embrace your 40s ladies! It will be a fabulous decade for all of us! Our natural beauty and character deepen. I'm ready for it with open arms!

Small Brooklyn Psychology opens up in Industry City - NYC Photographer

Led by Mandi White-Ajmani, the team at Small Brooklyn Psychology is a group practice of experienced neuropsychologists who offer neuropsychological, educational, behavioral, diagnostic, and personality assessments to children from babies through young adults. Go to Small Brooklyn Psychology if you want personalized recommendations for new strategies and for services throughout the city. They are a wonderful, caring team that helps their young clients succeed and offers strategies that are tailor-made to their clients' unique strengths and weaknesses and idiosyncrasies. Congratulations Mandi on your new and beautiful office space in Industry City!!!

Fall in Rock Creek Park, Washington, DC - DC Family Photographer

Its a funny thing when you have known someone since high school and then 25 years later - their oldest child is a freshman at that same high school. That’s the situation I found myself to much amusement. Are we that old already? Really? Thankfully we are that much wiser and with a whole lot of character and life experienced. For this fantastic woman and mom, she has a wonderful marriage to a true partner and 3 children to be proud of. She is living the fabulous life filled with love, connection and adventure. She has so much to be thankful for.

Family Love at DC's Franciscan Monastery - DC family Photographer

I love my DC families and this one is EXTRA special!!! I met this great family years ago at a July 4th crab party on the Chesapeake Bay. Now, when visiting my hometown of DC, I see them in the Fall to document their family….especially to photograph the evolution of their pride and joy…their handsome son. This year I met them at DC’s Franciscan Monastery - the family’s special request and a location I have never visited. This setting was so memorable - a true gem in our nation’s capital. An absolute perfect location for this gem of a family.

Love & Family at the Brooklyn Bridge - Brooklyn Family Photographer

Whether you are an out-of-town visitor or a local New Yorker, the Brooklyn Bridge is a special landmark that everybody wants to photograph. It is full of character and remains a symbol for both Brooklyn and NYC. This family, too, is full of character - present, active and loving parents, a daughter on the verge of adulthood and a vivacious young daughter who adores everyone in her life. It was an honor to photograph this special family in this very unique lively city that I have called my home for 20 years.

Family Love in Cobble Hill - Brooklyn Family Photographer

I love super smile-y, happy and loving families. This particular family of 5 is one of those great families. I have had the pleasure of photographing them a couple of times. Like wine, they get better with age! I can’t wait until next year’s Fall Family Session.