The joys of living in Dumbo - Brooklyn Family Photographer

Dumbo is one of the most exciting neighborhoods in the city. This family knows that first hand. Iconic views see every day, special family moments, every day activities and memories built. What a way to grow up!

Father & Son - Brooklyn Family Photographer

Even fathers & sons need a photo session.

Happy birthday to this dad who wanted to spend his birthday celebrating with his son in front of my camera so that they will have these fun memories to cherish for years to come.

And look what "air" they got!!! You should see the outtakes! What a fun session to photograph and edit!

Love & Family at the Brooklyn Bridge - Brooklyn Family Photographer

Whether you are an out-of-town visitor or a local New Yorker, the Brooklyn Bridge is a special landmark that everybody wants to photograph. It is full of character and remains a symbol for both Brooklyn and NYC. This family, too, is full of character - present, active and loving parents, a daughter on the verge of adulthood and a vivacious young daughter who adores everyone in her life. It was an honor to photograph this special family in this very unique lively city that I have called my home for 20 years.

Mom's Love

When this girl's mom hired me....all she wanted me to do was to capture her daughter's special-ness.  She regrets not getting more professional photographs of her daughter when she was born now that her little girl is 2 1/2 years old.  She's growing like a weed and is now making up for lost time.  Mom wanted to use this session to shine a light on to her amazing daughter's sweetness and to see how her personality is captured on film.  This mother and daughter team are truly inseparable and she wanted to capture this specific time to remember always.

Precious Times - Brooklyn Family Photographer

As first time parents, this couple is a true partnership...learning on the job - the most important job of their lives.  These portraits capture the very moment of this special time and will bring back memories of the very moment where their sweet daughter's personality is really starting to shine through at 16 months old.  Precious times indeed.

Dumbo with Love - NYC Family Photographer

Dumbo and Brooklyn Bridge Park always makes for a fantastic backdrop for a fabulous family photography session.  This awesome family didn't disappoint.  The kids acted like kids.  The parents held them close and made them smile with love.  And everyone had belly laughs...especially me.  There's nothing better than kids to show adults what an authentic moment is and what life is truly all about.

Superman & Brooklyn Bridge Park- NYC Family & Kid Photographer

I had the great pleasure of meeting this special and lovely family through a fantastic preschool in Bed Stuy.  This superman of a little boy is quite unique.  He has the women in his life wrapped around his finger and for good reason.  That smile....that laughter....that twinkle in his eye....All was in full display this beautiful morning over Memorial Day weekend in Brooklyn Bridge Park.  Memories captured for a lifetime!

SIBLINGS - NYC & Brooklyn Family Photographer

A siblings love is like no other bond,

it is for life and goes far and beyond.

And other love that you will ever find,

a siblings love is one of a kind.

When sibling love grows they will always gain,

a love that's forever and will always remain.

Robert Arthur Miller