Branded Portraits are Essential if you want to Elevate your Presence - NYC Professional Headshot Photographer

Its undeniable...2017 was the Year of the Woman!  There was the historic Women's March on Washington (and all the other many cities around the world), the powerful Sally Yates testimony, the #MeToo movement and so much more.  Local Brooklynite Sally Hubbard, an investigative journalist, has been adding her energy to these pro-female efforts for years but has channeled her expertise with her special podcast Women Killing It!  Through interviews and real-life storytelling with the most fascinating women, Sally uncovers how women are killing it in their careers, about what has worked for them, how they got where they are today and what they wish they knew sooner.  

I am pleased to add to Sally's success with my own photography talent.  Recently, she turned to me to refresh her Women Killing It! image.  A personal branding photography session is a very different experience than a traditional headshot session.  It is a modern & authentic way of marketing yourself and your unique services.  I truly think our collaboration was a huge success...we killed it!  I can't wait to see these new branded portraits in 2018 and to see Women Killing It! expand its reach.  Women Killing It! is a mentorship by podcast.  Its a must listen where women are helping women to unleash their superpowers at work!  Please visit Sally's podcast and learn: